A Collection of My Films

About the film:

In 2016, I had the opportunity to study and work in sub-Saharan Africa. This experience offered me the distinct honor of working with three different communities in three different countries. The journey began in Tanzania, right on the shore of Lake Victoria, with JBFC, an NGO dedicated to a "holistic approach to creating change in East Africa by providing refuge for abused and abandoned girls, quality primary and secondary education, access to rural healthcare, and economic opportunity through permaculture" (from JBFC mission statement).

At JBFC, I organized a sewing club that met every weekend, developed and implemented art education into the school's curriculum, and conceptualized and created a short documentary for Teddy, a young woman who was on the brink of starting her own handbag business. I spent most afternoons helping Teddy sew her handbags (I'm an avid seamstress myself!) and together we discussed measures which needed to be taken in order for her small business to flourish. I felt comfortable talking to Teddy about these big ideas because when I was eleven I began my own small business. I called it Do You Like My Hats. I was responsible for sewing my long, whimsical and colorful fleece hats, tracking orders received from all over the world, communicating with customers through email and at holiday fairs, and even hiring a team to help with the production of the hats once the orders increased significantly.

Teddy and I became friends through our love of sewing and our shared yearning to travel the world. I helped Teddy establish an online shop and produced a mini-documentary designed to help her future customers get to know her. I love storytelling for this reason. By sharing Teddy's narrative, people were able to connect with this bright and imaginative young woman. 

This is a short documentary I made while enrolled in the Middlebury College Environmental Studies summer program. For this project, we examined the way small-town businesses source their food, the importance of small businesses and local economies. 

This is an experimental film I created with a classmate at Middlebury College, summer 2017. This was an assignment for my Environmental Video Production. For this assignment, we were asked to film only yellow things and to construct a story around that prompt. As this was our first assignment, we were challenged to experiment and to be as creative as possible. 

I believe that filmmaking is a powerful tool that provides us with an opportunity to express ourselves creatively, to discover new forms of storytelling, and is an incredible medium for bringing ideas to life. It's also a valuable tool for raising social issues to the forefront of the conversation in an impactful and meaningful way.